At STAC Industry
we take responsibility
for your product

We accompany you from the
conception of the initial idea,
to the final packaged product.

We serial manufacture parts in large quantities with the highest efficiency and lowest cost for customers in a wide range of sectors.

We have a design and industrialization team that will collaborate with you from the first minute on your proposal to obtain the final packaged product, advising you throughout the manufacturing process to achieve your goal.

We offer you advanced solutions with the latest automation technologies, the knowledge and experience of our engineering team, working under rigorous quality controls to ensure that all units comply with the required standards and current legislation.

Main industrial processes

We specialize in products manufactured by extrusion processes, plastic injection, aluminium injection casting, Zamak injection casting, metal coil stamping and extruded profile machining.

We also undertake lost wax moulding processes, brass forging, laser cutting, MIM injection, gravity moulding and aluminium forging, among others.

We have a tooling manufacturing department that is responsible for the design and manufacture of the moulds, dies and tooling and their maintenance throughout the service life of the component.

Secondary industrial processes

Once the part is produced, we apply machining processes, mechanical, decorative and protective surface treatments and we take care of the assembly with various methods of union, submitting the parts to quality tests before being packed for distribution.

We have the necessary means for our customers to receive their finished parts and only have to worry about the marketing. Our warehouse and dispatching operators take full care of every product manufactured to ensure that it arrives in the best conditions to our customers.

Manufacturing of metal and plastic parts

We develop each piece with the most suitable material according to its production process and final use.

We evaluate the most suitable material according to the mechanical properties necessary depending on the production process and the final use of the components.

Manufacture of metal parts

With metal materials such as aluminium, Zamak, brass and steels.

Manufacture of plastic parts

With technical plastic materials: Polyamide, PVC, ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene and rubber among others.

We create new recyclable materials

To respond to your company’s commitment to sustainability.

We would like to be your comprehensive manufacturing partner

We are ready to work with you and meet the specific requirements of your project.

We manufacture parts for a wide range of industries

Such as architecture, automotive, air conditioning and refrigeration, appliances, electronics, renewable energies, infrastructure, furniture, transport and any sector that requires the serial manufacture of parts.

Our warehouse and dispatch operators take full care of every product manufactured to ensure that it arrives in the best condition to our customers.

Our team

At STAC we have a large, highly-qualified team composed of more than 90 design engineers, materials engineers, chemists, laboratory technicians, process engineers, patternmakers, production operators, quality inspectors, maintenance technicians and packing personnel, all working together to ensure efficient production and to meet the agreed delivery time commitment.

At STAC we approach every idea as an exciting challenge that requires the utmost attention and dedication of our entire team. From part design to final packaging, we will accompany you at every stage of the process to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

We ensure that everything we manufacture complies with current regulations, because we understand that regulations are critical to our customers.

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