Moulds, dies, and tooling

Our mould, die and tooling section has everything to achieve maximum precision.

We design and manufacture all the moulds, dies, and tooling components that your project requires

Moulds, dies and tools are almost always highly complex mechanical assemblies with numerous parts that must comply with exact measurements and clearances; at STAC we are aware of this high level of precision and that is why we have developed our own division for the manufacture of moulds, dies and tools, to enable us to satisfy the demands of our customers.

In this division we have:

  • Latest-generation machines and technology in 5-axis machining as well as sinker and wire EDM, in addition to all the conventional machines necessary for the manufacture of tools.
  • A strong team of people specialized in the manufacture of tools for our production processes with accumulated knowledge derived from learning and continuous feedback that the tool-productive process pairing provides us.
  • Optimization of project management with specific people and software so that nothing is left out of control and to manage each project exclusively, fulfilling the delivery time commitments established.

If you need to know more about your project and its delivery time, please contact us.

Advantages of controlling the entire product manufacturing process

At STAC, we attach special importance to three key points: product design, tooling design and manufacturing, and the overall production process.

Full control over each of these phases allows us to effectively solve the challenges of manufacturing each product and offer you optimal contracting conditions in relation to quality, price and delivery time.

One-time payment” commitment

Once the initial investment has been made by the customer, STAC will assume all tooling costs arising from the manufacture of parts. This one-time payment approach is a result of the responsibility that STAC takes on in all our clients’ projects.

Each new product requires a new industrial process and therefore we will always need to manufacture moulds, dies and tools to create your product.

From the outset, STAC assumes all the costs of maintenance of the tooling, so it is very important for us to control and develop moulds and dies that are reliable and that do not waste manufacturing time or compromise product quality. For this reason, we assume the responsibility of having the tools in perfect condition to manufacture when required, from the first piece to the last.

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