Machining operations are auxiliary operations that range from those that modify the geometry of the part to give it its final shape, such as: threading, rounding, routing, drilling, etc. even those who seek to provide it with a better finish, or more precision in its dimensions, such as: milling, reaming, planing, etc.

At STAC we have multiple machining machines, with different capacities, both manual and automatic and we have a lot of experience in these industrial processes.


Pre-cutting is a post-process operation, that is, it is a post-extrusion machining, where the rubber is passed through a system of rollers with blades to make a series of discontinuous cuts on one or several sides of the rubber, and thus produce the pre-cut product.

Punch cutting for drainage

This is a type of machining that is performed by cylindrical or slotted dies at the base of U-shaped rubber gaskets for glazing.

Cut into bars

Bar cutting is a process of machining plastic parts that can be done to any piece and any rubber material.


This machining operation is a subtractive manufacturing process (material is removed), classified as a material removal or chip removal process.

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