We serial manufacture parts for your sector

At STAC Industry, we offer you our experience, capability and capacity for the mass production of products for a wide range of sectors.

We have developed industrialization projects for companies linked to transport, renewable energies, architecture, infrastructure, air conditioning and refrigeration, furniture, appliances, among others.

Tailor-made solutions for any industry

Our versatility allows us to provide bespoke solutions that respond to the needs and challenges of any industry.

We produce parts that withstand high temperatures, with good thermal insulation, with efficient response to mechanical stress, resistance to wear and the passage of time, with good surface finishes and in a wide variety of colours. In addition, we manufacture with very tight tolerances, producing high precision components that offer guaranteed quality.

Contact us today to talk about your needs and let’s start looking for an innovative solution, no matter the sector in which your company operates.



Air conditioning and refrigeration

Furnishings and appliances

Renewable Energies



Contacting us

We hope to collaborate closely with you in the design and manufacture of parts that meet the requirements of your project